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Letra Fear Of The Unknown

Superstition creeps within
they alter what we hold in our perception
our subconscious stores the clues
to what is in our mind and what is real
no one knows the reason
no one has the key
to unlock the door of this mystery
will we ever find out?
will we ever see?
what's behind the curtain of perplexity?
so many things in life we just can't explain
there is so much that's still unclear
if we dare to enter the forbidden zone
we'd no longer feel the fear of the unknown
Images of the unseen
wander through our imagination
it's all so strange, the wonder of it all
our hopes and fears, the rise and falls
Repeat pre-chorus & chorus
This unseen power mystifies the hour
transforms the blue skies to red
the howling moon is calling
as the dead of night is falling
these spirits dance upon our souls
Sometimes you can feel it
you might not believe it; but things happen that
we can't control
nothing has changed
it's still the same
unanswered questions will remain