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Letra Visions Of The Beyond

Before my very eyes it appeares,
So alives as my bated breath
At the first moment couldst not believe
So I waited for the same dead hour.

While such freezing cold charmed the silence,
There he was, standing clearly for away,
Only a true king could act that way.
He was the night preceding the day;

In his eyes, chagrin oceans downed his rage.
His face, formerly hot like the sun,
Was mantled by virgin snow. (2x)

Yes, he looked steadily at me
He waved his hand and I thought he had something to say,
But on the distant horizon (wich seemed so close)
Dawn was breaking once again.
A fearful feeling filed his eyes and he disappeared
As the clock crowed!


"My lord, if rhine eyes believe that
This ghost Is really my dead father
Won't Thee show thyself to him
In order to discover The reasons of his return...

If he's a deamon, or an angel with broken wings,
Thou shalt at least investigate, my lord
For nothing returns from afterlife,
After losing what was trust to us before our birth.

So, follow us through this dark night
And take with thee thy honour.
When a phantom returns, it's because
Something is comming up
And there is a rotten smell on Denmark's ground..."