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Rico suavegerardoseguro que han oído que yo soy educadosoy un caballerito un chico bien portadoun joven responsible y siempre bien vestidoyo no se quien ha mentidoi don't drink or smoke ain't into dopewon't try no coke, ask me how i do it, i copemy only addiction has to do with the female speciesi eat 'em raw like sushino me gustan ternos, mi estilo es modernosi me enterno, you me enfermomi apariencia es dura, vivo en la locurano me vengan con ternurasso please don't judge a book by its coverthere's more to being a latin loveryou got to know how to deal with a womanthat won't let gothe price you pay for being a gigolothere's not a woman that can handlea man like methat's why i juggle two or threei ain't one to commit, you can omit that bityou pop the question that's ithaber uno, dos, tres, cuatro mujeresy la situació allí no muereno es un delito calmo mi apetitocon un llanto o un gritoso again don't let my lyrics mislead youi don't love you but i need youwould you rather have me lietake a piece of your pie and say byeor be honest and rub your thighswell, it's ten o'clock and i'm two hours latei never said i was a prompt datebut you kept persisting that i meet your parentshuh, they're going to love my appearanceding dong el timbre suenatu madre abre, que vieja mas buenale digo ¡hola! pero no para bolaque se ha creido vieja cholago and serve the food momque tengo ambreif you don't hurry, me va a dar un calambrey usted señor? why's your chin on the floor?sierra la boca por favorwhat's this amor, these little huevos?esto sí que yo no prueboi'm used to good ol' fashionedhomestyle spanish cookingif i try that i'll be pukingwell it's been a pleasure but we got to goregresaremos tempranocinco, seis, o siete de la mañanasu hija esta en buenas manoslyrics submitted by shale diaz.

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