Gary US Bonds - School Is Out -

Letra School Is Out

School is outgary "u.s." bonds(written by anderson, barge, guida and royster--anderson was bonds' real name)(see more notes below)a-one, a-two, a-one two three fourno more books and studiesand i can stay out late with my buddiesi can do the things that i want to do'cause all my exams are throughi can root for the yankees from the bleachersand don't have to worry 'bout teachersi'm so glad that school is outi could sing and shout!chorus:(school is out)everybody's gonna have some fun(school is out)everybody's gonna jump and run(school is out)come on people don't you be late(school is out)i just got time to take my girl out on a dateschool is out at lastand i'm so glad i passedso everybody come and go with mewe're gonna have a night with daddy ggo daddy!!(sax solo, including the words:)that's great!let's celebrate!with a little bit of soul now!oh yeah!the party's here!chorus(sax solo)fade on chorus------one of my favorite themes of top 40 music is the concept of the "sound-alike"follow-up to a big hit. gary "u.s." bonds was the king of this in 1961. hisfirst hit was "quarter to three" which was based on an earlier instrumentaltune by his band, "a night with daddy g" by the church street five (both ofwhich are mentioned in the words to the song). he then followed this up with"school is out" which also mentioned a night with daddy g and had the same"a-1-2-3-4" countdown intro. the natural follow-up was then released,"school is in", which was the third hit in a row to have the shout, "godaddy!" right before the sax solo by gene "daddy g" barge (as well as"a-1-2-3-4", again). funny--"school is out" was released in late summer1961, long after school let out for vacation, and was still going strong onthe charts well into september when "school is in" was released (but itdidn't peak on the charts till later in the fall, long after school was backin session). the final song in this gary "u. s." bonds progression didn'thave anything to do with daddy g or school, but it did take advantage of thelate fall of 1961's nationwide fad, the twist. "dear lady twist" hadessentially the same chords and tune as "school is in."okay, here are the words to "school is out"