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Letra Represent

[1. verse]
say my name say my name, i ain't treated the same way
it's a perfect example to show, it's all about fame
but ok, let's all move along, cause futtah's on
ya'll remember.. the illegal deagle dude is on
yeah whatever, im still down with the crew
and still, haven't found out, what to do
but this time the subject is about gaming spirits
so i rap these lyrics, to represent
the whole danish counter-strike scene
i feel like the world is mine through the mic
where others look through the screen
if i ever stop gaming, im only gonna miss them
but sometimes this twisted system gives me doubts
makes me shout, but luckly i got my wisdom
well enough about me, cause it's time to see
who really keeps it real from a to z
yo, we're here today to, represent
give you danish pro-gaming, for every cent
.. danish excellency, to the end
every day, every cent, this is how we attend
represent, for every cent, to the end
represent, for every cent, to the end
represent, danish pro-gaming, to the end
represent, danish excenllency, to the end
represent, for every cent, to the end
represent, for every cent, to the end
this is how we attend, to the end
every day, every cent, to the end
[2. verse]
dk is dk, and we're here to dominate
cross the border, and we kill without hessitate
never escalate, only when we need to test a mate
times up, sorry dude, we tried to estimate
from denmark to sweden and going to norway
all victory, it's our style, our way
continued to germany
without a single match
they we're all stunned when they all heard of me
[3. verse]
debate seekers, always think you're better at being fate seekers
stand back, you won't pass our gatekeepers
admit it, we're walking toward a brand new world order
if you dislike it, then you might try harder
be flexible, it's not easy being fanatic
become static, if not then you must be dynamic
if you wanna survive the headhunters, when you see one
you better b'one, become the second corleone
please xplayn why we push it to the max
to wax some? pull out the 5-7 and head hax some?
you are becoming a 2 the max frag son
don't come around, complainin' about cracks & lag son
magic happens when you pull the m4 and make it semiless
we'll call it boomtown cause the opportunitys are limitless
spirit of amiga never escalates
i'm out for now

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