From the Eyes of Erra - An Empire in Flames -

Letra An Empire in Flames

I find this world appalling
As I walk through the valley of decaying populous
Realizing there is no rhyme or reason
And not remembering the changing of seasons,
It's clear, I don't belong here!!

So as it sits, the wait is overbearing.

The shadow of the man begins to approach
Blackening the skies with every step.
There is no escape for as it is distant, nothing is unseen.

There is no escape!

Those that starve have been waiting.
Unable to die, yet begging for it from a dead god.

Their bodies mangled from disease.
Flesh torn from the bone by the feeding vermin.
The time is now. The shadow grows closer,
And the man grows stronger.
Hate flowing from every fiber,
I scream to those around.

The message of fate that their god is dead
That they shall suffer eternal
That they are doomed
Minutes of cries give decades of silence.
And I am the last to walk!!

Barren and forgotten this world is in shambles
And I am the last to walk!

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