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Letra Happiness

Can you change, the game your life
Erasing these, memories of thorn
For do not live more, the this eternal sentences
Medicating his wounds, that Past caused

Crawling, for a life, destroy you
Blinding his eyes, Feeding you with lies

Now look for yourself
Tell, if you love yourself, for endure all
This Pain

I don?t can continues deceiving me
Don?t want torture me for always
Killing you from inside my heart
Showing the my

Happiness, Hapiness
Happiness, Hapiness
Happiness, Hapiness
Happiness, Hapiness

Don?t try change, my personality
I?m away your selfishness, far from me
Do not change peoble, That I love
My mistakes, make look, I was finished

Leaving my joys, eating up inside
Making cry myself,
Rescuing me, from, the jaws of hell
Seeking my life, lost and sincere

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