Esiaz - Jenny -

Letra Jenny

(musical intro
with narration)

animals are not far from men in there need for domination and control sex crimes murder rape these are all forms of repressed agression, a feeling of agression people like these seem to carry on their shoulders all there lifes (??) dead dead (echoes)
(the song has constant midtone following echoes)
i never meant to kill you shut up/
stop crying/
i know it hurts /
ok /
it's not that bad /
it's not that sad /
you tryed to run away from me /
(singin) bad girl!/
bad girls make me mad! /
can i /
tell you a secret /
you promise you wont tell no one? /
promise me /
promise!! /
well i guess its not like your going anywhere hah hah /
little bit of humour.. /
do you have a sense humour? /
i do / i like joking /
i like choking / people who make jokes about me / do you../
know whats its like to be laughed at all the time!!??? /
sorry sorry /
jenny that's right /
thats your name right? /
alright /
well im glad that you let me f*** you in the cemetary /
it's been over one of my fantasies to do / ever since i seen you! /
probably walking to school or a friend... /
do you have a boyfriend??! /
im happy that you you picked me /
but you see i had to kill you /
or else you'd tell on me /
and i dont like a tatle tale /
jenny! (echoes) /
have you ever tryed eating a rats tail? /
how does it feel having friends over for a beer? /
i forget .. i only had 1 friend.. /
i skinned her alive about a year ago /
hah hah /
i pinned her up on my basement wall /
and every now and then she sucks my balls /
see she's /
still alive kinda like you'll be /
and then youll never get away from me /
be my friend i don't want to hurt you /
you hurt me! /
so this is what i got to do /
try to accept who i try to be /
everybody wants to try to get me! /
jenny?.... jenny????
wake up jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny!!!!!
(thunder sounds and instrumental cuts out)

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