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Letra From a Cage

Flow out of me like words unto an empty nation
Please give me the strength I need to remedy their situations
I've never been better, never been better

Encounters, oh so queer are sure to cause discomfort
Have you ever been better?
In spite of passing fears, you choke it down with shallow hopes
Of getting better; it will get better

*I know you've seen it all before
You're not alone
They told you, fix your broken heart
You have no home

Get up kid, tell yourself the truth or you'll regret it
It can only get better
I know to more you can aspire
I'm telling you that you're worthwhile
Just listen to me, I'm telling you, that you are better

Give me your "I came close", and I will give you min
Ten hands aren't close to perfect, but they are yours tonight.

You can't rewrite what is inscribed
(I'm like a bird from a cage; I'm free at last and soaring)
When all is lost, you will find life
(I'm like a bird from a cage; I'm free at last and soaring high)