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Letra This Side of Paradise

Time and fate they float like a river
But we don't see it that way
In our village there is no need
To see the moments of our lives.
People are happy as they should be
Don't you dare disturb our peace

Always there lays the conspiracy in the human mind. nothing is perfect, it's been seen before

If you'll look in the deep dark lakes of soul
You'll see the other side. the twisted side,this side of paradise...

Snake crawls into your paradise
Makes your life a living hell
But you are not realising it
Your best friend is your worst enemy
Inner demons are haunting you
But you refuse, believe it's true
Always there lays the conspiracy in the human mind nothing is perfect, and you know it

Path to insanity is clear for you, just walk through it
But why is it always so much easier to just sleep away