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Letra Outside View

Had a weird one last night
Gave me the chance to creep
Everything isn't over for me
I feel the need to continue
Could i be wrong?
So if i'm wrong
Illusion replaced the truth
If i'm misguided
Illusion as the truth
Had a weird one this night
Gave me the chance to creep

Why is it everyone understood
In what way?
They proceed to live again
I died when i peeked
I begun to malfunction
Shut down, reboot, shut down

Now i laugh and grin
I'm the mockery, the joke, the mortal
You see yourself in me
You'll have your weird one too
Prepare for the show


This much i, i will tell you
You aren't what you appear to be
Life as the camourflage
Death as the last point on your way
I too see them in me
Your white lies and the black ones
They will seem as the point
They are the ultimate failure
This much i will tell you
And the rest is just meaningless
Chatter of infinity
False hope for you and for me