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Letra Closer (Pulsar Mix) [feat. Snoop Dogg]

Moon days what it now I feel
Let me act just like track do, wait
Yeah she doing real, boy.

I'ma do it to you, If you do it well
You give a second shot if you don't kiss and fail
You heard my voice I bet you do
You're so fast baby I won't catching you.

Do it well
You want me this night get a little bit closer
Get a little bit closer, yeah yeah
Do it well
I wanna feel your heart ..
When you do it right
When you kiss ..
If you ..need it every move of a life time
And do it right, I wanna start to fight
To get a little bit closer closer yeah.

Don't work that, don't work that
Don't work that, don't work that girl

Maybe you're bit shy, just can't tell you
Baby tell me why, you got a ..
I ain't see no guys tell em you're busy girl
Left to get it right I love to stay
You got this ..girl on the plane I'll see no race for you
'cause it's me and you and the ..
'cause you ain't ..


You disappear walked away in the night
you got what I like so I'm gonna do you right
I just wanna be your boy make you down and be my girl
You can go with this ..
You could tell me that ..
You do it well
I do the doggy style ..let your figher
They say you ..the fire
You do the real
Baby you do the real


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