Core Of Soul - Untitled -

Letra Untitled

Could be anything to pour in the glass
I just want to fill my emptiness
With my favorite furniture
Night is gettting nice and old
But I don't see you around

Kirei ni kazatte utawasete moratte
Saikou no jikan wo tsukuriagete
Ai subeki hito ippai iru noni
Kuruisou ni naru

Hitori ja nai-tte shinjite kita noni na
Oh title this feeling for me

Could be any reason to write to you
I just want you to write me back
Typing on the damn computer
Suddenly, I feel so stupid
I still don't see you around

Dore dake no jikan anata o omotte
Yama hodo no kotoba shiboredashite
Yatto hitotsu ni matometa noni
Itsumo TAITORU ga nai

Anata ga ireba kansei suru noni na
Oh title this song for me

"Forgotten Chocolate"
"23 or 4 Years"
"Midnight Driving and Morning Traffic Jam"
"Coffee Swirl"
"Blue Note"
"Cream on a Cake"

Whatever the hell out of this mess
Oh pick up the title for me
Oh title this song for me
Oh title this song for me