Core Of Soul - Kohitsuji No Kamisama -

Letra Kohitsuji No Kamisama

I am a lamb asleep on the ground of life
I see stars in the dark insulting my thin dignity
Loyal faith for you can let my hands reach to a shear
I sacrifice my wool and let the blood die out

I believe in your footsteps
But no, no, I doubt that you are the savior
If you really are the god
Tell me how I can handle tomorrow
I never find myself worth breathing
I am such a timid, little lamb
But you still keep me alive...

1,2,3,4 come to me lambs, I'm still awake
1,2,3,4 4 little little lambs, I know you're fake
5,6,7,8 8 little lambs, all together, they bleat
5,6,7,8 for so long I'm trying to fall asleep

Gracefull winds blow to scoop the field of green
When the bare ground appears, that is my grave where I lie
And when I close my eyes at the edge of life in chill
You harrass the clouds to set me under the sleet

I believe in your footsteps
But no, no, you are not the one responsible
If I blame it all on god
I would never learn through my yesterdays
I can't find the way to fall into my dreams
I am still groaning at the darkening sky
But will you still give me more time?
more time

You were born in between my sleepless sheets
You recklessly grew and overtook on me