Core Of Soul - Boku to Kingyo (translation) -

Letra Boku to Kingyo (translation)

I scooped up a goldfish the other dayIt was scared, yet so pretty
Time passes
Your scales glared at me
You were ugly
I never liked you
I let you go, your memory forgotten
Making new friends, new loves
With you watching me all the way through
And then it's winter morning
And you're swimming
Upside down
Dirt in your eyes
And dirt in my heart
Time passes again, and then it's spring
And the edge of the pond where you sleep
I never liked it
You were supposed to be weak in that squared world but you grew so big
I was supposed to be strong but without doing much I grew so big
Then the next day came
A purple flowered bloomed where you slept
The red of your body is with the blueness of the sky
You've become so beautiful
Dirt in your eyes
And dirt in my heart
A flower bloomed from your body
Yet nothing from my heart
I finally know what real strength is
I cry up into the blueness of the sky now