Compliments Of Gus - Heaven Knows -

Letra Heaven Knows

There is breakfast on the radio
and 'porridge' comes in stereo
and butter is butter free
and love is always relative
as long as it is what you sieve
around your played out fantasy
evolution is the choice for now
but cloning soon will give the cow
unprecedented fast food value
and email is the source of truth
for those whose ports are hacker proof
and credit cards will somehow save you?

there is a love i know
not found in neon show
the truth that heaven knows
god has a destiny
for those who choose to seek
the truth that heaven knows

do you ever get the feeling
that you'll be forever dealing
with the questions you cannot find
the truth is somewhere out there
but always on the outer
of the corners of your mind
never could you love a saviour
on the other side of favour
of the beautiful and popular
but my perceptions are so tainted
by the things that we have painted
as glorified, modular

hero, we always want to be
richer, my choice of destiny
happiness, never comes for free
ever wonder what heaven's truth could be?
try love, that won't give up
joy, say 'fill my cup'
now, peace that goes beyond
the understanding of a mortal
or the feeling of a song

there is one who spoke the truth
despite the world's desire to
shut his mouth and keep him down
and give him barbs as a crown
they who seek the truth search well
but they that seek god's face find
the truth that heaven knows