Colder Than Moon - Freeliar -

Letra Freeliar

that was a lie...
all words were stupid fiction
that was a lie...
in mental suffocation
breathing my sticky thoughts,
licking tears of sorrow
try to get free, try to get free...

that was a lie...
eternal pain can't hide it
that was a lie..
and liar will be lighted
scratching my empty eyes,
drinking smell of my lips
try to get free, try to get free...

between moonlight and sun
between pain and pleasure
from the future streaming
to the past

like a king of nothing
blinded god of nowhere
coronated shadow

every my spoken word
brings me closer to the
core of universal
philisophic knot
nothing left behind me
falling down like angel
mystified creator
care a lot

spill the words, weave
patterns of vivid lie
blast the words, seamed
in rapture
vulgarity - entrance
purity - the key
to comprehension

extremely untrue
to close to lunacy
extremely untrue
absolutely free
deep inside of me

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