Chuck Ragan - Non Typical -

Letra Non Typical

Unequivocal, my heart just nearly stopped
My mind was blown when my whole world fell apart
I was powerless to simply coalesce
What befell, I said all that came to pass

Well I, I need you
Like I need all my blood and my breath
Swallow the sentimental truth
And it'll never be "as good as it gets"

Non-typical, it's really something else
When one is back into the call of what's wild and raw
Infatuation turned desire
Into devotion, rectify my fire

Unequivocal, non-typical

We've got a choice, we've got a voice
And the will to walk out alone with our armies
Well, let the bad blood run, and everything in the past be gone
It'll all feel like a dream
Feel like a dream

We can always build a world better than this
We can always build a world better than