Chaosdaemon - The Dreaming Dead Awakes -

Letra The Dreaming Dead Awakes

Dusk, in Her majesty she spreads Her sombre wings.
Gently embracing Her domain.
The sky turns black and the night is born, the light withers away.
Shades and darkness reign the earth

Dark divine; ancient evil lords of darkness. Summon the demon legion slay the light.
Spawn the dark; the Earth veiled in black, eternally enclosed in gloom.

Ancient demons rise.
Open the gate. Arise, Serpents of the deep, come forth

A mighty storm sweeps across the Earth.
The wolves howl in the night, hailing Those Beyond.
From the raging sea, He ascends, greeting the sky.
The Earth; sealed in darkness, legions of demons arrive.

The Dreaming Dead awakes

Behold the dawn of an age of eternal darkness.
"When a sombre shadow wraps its wings around the Earth.
And the sun dies and the dead rise to devour the living. The Dreaming Dead awakes..."

The Dreaming Dead awakes