Carnyx - Fire Rains From The Sky -

Letra Fire Rains From The Sky

Emerging from nowhere a sudden
Roar, disturbing
Panic doesn't see it's chance yet it a-
Waits the right time

Then comes an end to the
Rest, and signs start to show
Darkness grasps the blue
Sky, messenger of doom

Still the people
Do not realize
This will be
Their demise

Pumice starts to rain to the
Soil, on the heads it crashes
A pillar rises from the
Earth, built out of ashes

When this support first weakens
It creates a wave
High temperatures scorch their
Lungs, the black heavens their grave

Panic and despair
Reign supreme
The end of the world as they knew it
In this night it seems

Abandonned and rotten
Dead, or left to die
Visions of your dying world

Regretting your stupidity, a
Fault you wouldn't make twice
Thinking of your past vanity, not
Willing to pay the price

You have made your own time pass
Tuning your lifestring to tight
There's no light at the end of your tunnel
You will die tonight.

Death crawls upon you
It grabs you by the throat
It takes you to death's kingdom
Your lost when you step in the boat

Filthy humans
Considering themselves the highest creature
They all walk doom's path
Consumed by nature

Souls rid of their lives
Condemned to yearn for the light
Their body's forever
Trapped in that night

Punished by the mighty earth
Paying for their pride
Killed by the scorching waves
That on Thunderbolts ride

Now the victims
Who payed with their lives
Forever regret
Their demise!

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