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Letra Slave To Eternity

One of eternal life
Searching for flesh as the light fades away
Yet he only seeks for one
Many centuries have passed since he tasted her blood

From deep down
Where no light can touch
They come out into the night
Ordered upward and onward
In the search for his eternal bride

He draws his sword
and thrusts it deep into a mortals chest
He only has a thirst for sacred blood
That he must find before he rests

Night of the damned
Slaying mortals maliciously
In the search for flesh
All victims shall rise from their state of death
Night of the damned
Slaying mortals viciously
In the search for flesh
They came from the gateways of nothingness

Forgotten souls given endless life
Servants of death reigning fire
Unholy screams bleeding into the night
Transgression of a dark empire

On this relentless night
As the moon shines in her eyes
Out of the darkness to see his queen
For she is to rule by his side

He sinks his teeth into her neck
She unleashes a piercing scream
Her eyes now turn a sickening black
For she has fallen unto he