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Letra Demon Resurrection

Chant out the spell
And give me life again
I give substance to the worship of Cthulu
For my hunger- like a passing light through me
I was slain in sacrifice and risen again
An ancient ritual
From The book of the dead
Let me hear the words, let the scripts be read
Inked in blood and bound in human flesh
Withholding evil prophesies for bringing forth the dead

I rule the kingdom of the damned
Your soul will be mine
Feeding on this loss of life
At the stroke of midnight
From the dark side of death
Demonic ritual
Blasphemous script invocation
From the blasphemous prophet

In remembrance of Cthulu cold chills pierce my spine
Remembering his barbaric ways, take a sip from the bloody wine
He sleeps yet he does not sleep
Seemeth dead yet he is not dead
Uncontrollable fear of the horror ahead
Resurrecting demons and calling on the dead

(repeat ch)

Cthulu- lord of the underworld
Come forth- so he may swallow your soul

The words have been spoken at this point of no return
To call upon Cthulu means your soul shall forever burn

Demon Resurrection