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Letra Black Death

Began a black night
From a crimson October dusk
12 infested ships are now
Soon to dock at dawn
At a port in Genoa- dying crews lay aboard
People of the village face a disease unknown
No aid given to these victims of slaughter
Masses dead but from an unknown cause

Killing all within its path
Black Death plague spreads through Europe fast
Thousands dead, ill, bereaved and insane
How long will this torture to mankind remain?
Now in Switzerland the Jews are the ones
Believed to be the evil behind the massacres
Rounded up to be burnt alive
Public killings the tyrants have their fate sealed now

Unmarked death
The Black Death
Has no end in sight
For demise the cursed ones cry
*Spreading evil tales of dark sorcery and lies
*Draining their black blood to be rid of what's inside