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Letra The Flight of the Crow

everything you are
and what´s around you,
i´m the rising moon
lighting your path
to misery

it is my will,
rising my sorcerers illusions,
you are destined to remain
in this rotten earth,
the land there i give you

now it will be your doom,
guardians of heaven, aware,
the evil him self will destroy
the celestial gates,
your body and mind will not return

for the everlasting darkness of my kingdom,
now bow before me and plead for mercy,
the storm of my rage will come
and the damned tears drops on your face
will complete the enchantment,
is the spell of your own announced death

with my power i embrace you,
I'll tear apart my enemies,
with the powerful thunder of my voice,
a casting spell that will hunt you.

your souls are now mine like the flight of the crow,
searching in silence through the whispering forest,
burning the distend leaves on his way,
I'm the shadow that you can not see,
and my eyes will dissolve your reflection,
because now you belong to me.