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Letra Snow Tears

wake up the moon when you leave.
don't say to the wind that I will be there,
because I don't want more cold in my soul

I will undress the autumn leaves
between snow tears
and the pain will give me the heat
I will lose the time hoping for you to arrived

life will be born again,
my shady face
and my open eyes
will wake up with the dawn,
and my heart will return to bark

every second will be a torture,
but my happiness will not be opaque
by so ungrateful detail

my hands shake,
and my single voice
wants to shout
your name once again

the time is over
the light that waits to you
lost his shines.
the agony drowns me.

I lost the reason,
and my body, tired
in the ground fell,
a train cut my life,
a delay killed me,
your tears, my life,
Single per minutes
you will not spill today