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Letra From My Blood

I was born between wealth,
and in lust I grew up,
my eyes were full with emotion tears,
While my fear eat away my entrails,

my hands manipulated the cords of the family,
While the castle collapsed,
my happiness to hatred raised,
I destroy the empire with a treason.

Everything was dark,
and the beast woke up on me.
a throne of bones destroy my humanity,
and swords tore my shield.

at this earth i arrive,
because the dark power call me,
and I found out my worst fear,
I was the only hope, and i'm just
going to win this war with blood in my hands.

you scream at night
and your moaning deafen my breed,
That terrified drinks from your blood
and eats from your flesh.

I was born and i will die here
I cultivate the Earth with blood from my blood.
Wars I won and wars i will win,
Because this will be my kingdom of evil