Burning Tears (Chile) - Black Sun - Clickletras.com.br

Letra Black Sun

When the sky get broke
The earth will shake
The hills will bleed
And the footpaths will get dark

The tears that burn your glance
Will shout with strange the horrors
From the bloodshed in front of your eyes

The shadows will guide you
Covering of shades your lost way
For you to find in it
The reality of your lost battle

You will roam like a soul in pain
Between dying bodies
Requesting to your god
Death and forgiveness

And then you will know that there is no destiny
In your eternal ruin
On fused live coals your bones
And you body will melt with the sound of mi ballad

The dark forms will arrived
Those that with impure shouts
Flooded your ears
And then you will understand
That the remission of your sins
In my kingdom will never be listened