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Letra Suaimhneas Síoraí R.i.p.

You have a reason to be upset.
They have a reason to revolt
Even if the pain is only yours,
No one will never feel the way I feel

Even if their goals are futile for others
This feeling is what feed their blindness
Wrong or right is a mere point of view
Truth and lie two ends of the same circumstance
I do not have a good reason to revolt me
I have no troubles, but my pain is intense

Wish you were here inside my mind for a few minutes.
I'm sure you'll never find your way back
I do not need more than logic to understand
The things that surrounds me
I am aware that what the eyes see is not the world desired for me
Freedom - tell me who is really free in life?

Even you can discern will be chained
By the obscure forces that's keeping both your feet on the ground
There is only a very eternal rest,
When on your tombstone will be written
Suaimhneas síoraí (r.I.p.)