Bronco Army - Skinhead SP -

Letra Skinhead SP

Chaos all around you, endless fuckin mess
And all these people rushing from nowhere to nowhere
You stand out from the crowd you are not one of them
Cos you believe in something they would never understand
The love for your people, your cult and your place
And there ain't nothing in this world that could make you change
Oh you're a real skinhead and that's your daily life
You honor the flag with the thirteen stripes

Skinhead sp, skinhead sp

There's hatred in your eyes and pride inside your heart
You'll be like that forever, you knew it from the start
And even when they call you public enemy number one
You still dare to wear your boots and braces in the sun
You see a lot of assholes destroying your land
And you're part of the few who really gives a damn
The hope lies in your hands and you can never fail
Red, white and black our flag will prevail!

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