Bound in Human Flesh - The Apocalypse -

Letra The Apocalypse

The apocalypse has begun
Nothing can be done to stop it
The end of the world is near
But not without war
Many years of suffering will precede
What will be a final ending
Prophecies of your damnation
Soon you will fucking die

Pre chorus
Darkness, darkness, darkness
Darkness descending
Fighting, fighting, fighting
Is necessary
What you witness is just
The beginning of
Armageddon will bring you pain!
Battles fought on television
Witness your own destruction
You can do nothing to stop this
There are just too many weapons

The apocalypse

Fighting for your life you cannot
Live another day without
Everything that you so cherish
Is being washed away
Powerless you will participate
Fighting until the end
These final days of suffering
Will be long and hard