Boston Lonely - She sits at home -

Letra She sits at home

she sits at home
and she feels more alone
with every absent telephone ring
she can't remember a time
that she's ever cried
this much over him

and then she puts on her make up
and she starts to take up
the spaces that were not
there before
and she started cryin' and i started dyin
she said she'd been here before

my heart is racing
and anticipating
every move that we're making
every breath that we're taking
is breaking me up, is breaking me up

she waits around
for the sun to go down
on her heart, she swears he's not missing now
she can't remember the day
but she's feelin okay
about getting over him


i always would've wanted this
and you always would've wanted me
you kept singing to me, over and over

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