Boston Lonely - Graduation Day -

Letra Graduation Day

give my car
to my girlfriend
make sure that she dont cry
and give my best friend
the crowning prize
tell him that his queen
should be his bride

do you remember the time
i whispered in your ear
i wish this feeling would last four years
you remember the time after the football game
our car breaking down,
walking home in the rain
and you threw off your shirt
you said to hell with that
i remember that, you're crazy like that

remember me on graduation day
make sure they call my name
remember me on graduation
and tell them all
i really wanted to be there

give my best
to those who knew me
can my voice still be heard
and give yourself a new beginning
and dont forget
who we were

cuz the campfire burns
like i burn for you
and johnny's in the fire
lightin up his shoe
slip my cold hand between your legs
as tell me all the things
you waited to say
and i'll drop you a line every now and then
that says someday baby, you'll love again


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