Boston Lonely - City Of Angels -

Letra City Of Angels

it happens everyday
i feel this way
it's gonna be good
i said, Oh, it's gonna be good
i will not wait
for you to say
this is for the best
and i did every thing i could
but i kept saying

we're going down, we're going
face first towards the ground we're going
i wont hold you, if i can't have you
you walk around you show it
face up in the air, you throw it
i wont hold you, if i can't have you

it's not the same
as yesterday
where we used to laugh
now i stare at photographs
this the way
i deal with change
by never looking back
on something lost in a shouting match
but i kept saying...


city of angels
when were strangers
i shake, you fold
our eyes both close
the ocean air, and bare foot stares
you took my hand, drew your name in the sand
where are you spending
our happy ending
and are ya better off without me now


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