Blank Logic - Jennifer -

Letra Jennifer

Verse 1: jennifer im really sorry for all the headaches caused by me,
and i realize you are always there, why i cannot see.
but i've got to let you know it's not in vain.
Confusions the best to describe the time shared by you and i.
were on and off and on and off again, the cycle just wont end.
and your always ready to start again.
Chorus: each day i love you more than the day before,
and in my heart you'll stay my jennifer.
Verse 2: how can you and i be so in love, and still fight every night.
i think im still trying to find myself its hard to settle down.
and i know your ready to say i do.
Chorus: 1x
Verse 3: no matter what, what the future holds i want you to know.
that i will always love you endlessly, when it's hard to believe
like when were in another fight.
Chorus: 1x

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