Betterman - Sisyphus' Boulder -

Letra Sisyphus' Boulder

I roll it up to the mountain
In the winter
After a knives rain
It gets heavier
No matter if i work hard
In the summer
The way is so far
Sun gets hotter

Maybe i should give up
There's no sugar in this cup
What's the purpose of this stone
Your work is undone
Always falls

Give me a reason to explain
The absurdity of existence
Who tells me how to maintain
A lot of tasks which never end?

I know i left devotion
It's so rebel
Finding emotion
Coming from hell
Sometimes it's useless
If i were stronger
But it's meaningless
It's forever

I can't make any noise
'cause the whisper is my voice
Hear me now
Gods don't forgive when
You have consciousness
Grief i saw

When i miss the fastest train
In turtle i have to trust
Even if my attempt is in vain
I feel i need to try