Betterman - Every Day Smells Like Rain -

Letra Every Day Smells Like Rain

She dreams alone after a party and had some fun
She screams: "don't go!"
In front of the mirror there's no hope
No regrets, it's too late
I confess, nothing makes much sense
We forget ourselves

He's felt at home kissing smiles that have gone
He hasn't heard what the wisdom says

You were my friend
You were my love
You were my happiness
You are this simple song

It could be me
It could be him
It could be anyone else
Maybe it's your revenge

You know you'll waste what's pure and true
I wish you never taste what's to feel blue

Thank you, sunshine:
"The guilt is mine
Because by your side
I was afraid of dying..."
Worried all the time
The saddest guy
No desires to collide
Now I learn to misguide

The black roses poem
Became my favourite touchstone
A self-manipulation
Monday morning's motivation

No roof, no floor
Face the storm to fill this emptiness
It's so ambiguous