Betterman - Diagnosis: misanthropy -

Letra Diagnosis: misanthropy

Please, don't ask me to be someone
I'll probably ignore
You say I'm kind of stubborn
I won't stop
Once I changed my life like Harry Haller just postponed his crime

How many times did I find another hole or defect to hide
While things are happening outside?
How many lines did I write to become the one and be the prime
Not one more point in the sky?

I'm stuck, I can't climb
And everywhere I go the gale starts to blow
Every time I see this pine
All the things fall apart

It burns down the biggest town
No such power is coming around
You're gonna be safe underground
Or sit down and watch me crawl
No social skill until the last round
Guess who is bluffing right here right now

As the music, I could dance
I'd be the winner of your game
My self defense
'Cause I don't wanna be the same
Putting on others all the blame
Fuck your shame

I isolate myself from society
Or society isolates me

Calm down and hold this song
While I can't feel your souls
I don't wanna share your goals
Sometimes I'm a dried bone
I can't fit in with anyone
So I just want to be alone