Bestial Warlust - Heathens -

Letra Heathens

Air is frozen the leaves are dead
the moon is full, darkness enshrouds the light
fire is ablaze, the ancient ours are here
streams run black, the sword drips blood
Fire ise ablaze, streams run black, sword drips blood
witches, demons, sluts
lustful sluts with juiced up cunts, getting fucked
drinking poisoned wine
Dancing orgastically in a form of possession
draped in robes drinking the juice of vein
the chalice lies upon the ceremonial stone
unfortunate soul hooked from the uterus
Swinging in the, leafless tree in pain
masked supremacy, rises his chalice high
the congregation, falls to case
With her eyes open, her head is raised high
for all to see, celebrant drowned in red
he plunges his jaws, in neck of whore
her swinging remains, are ripped from the tree
Multiple orifices filled with phallus
suspended red menace raped to the core
congregants they derobe
acts of sodomy and perverse carnality
Brought beyond this world, drinking poisoned wine
their ghastly shrieks echo through the forest
all in great homage, to their unholy divine.