Ben Glover - Take Control -

Letra Take Control

Take control
I am like an unmanned vessel
helplessly i toss and turn and sway
without my captain i am destined for destruction
by the waves of sin that wash me far away
from the timeless truth that never ever fades
In this world of indecision
we flounder in our sea of disbelief
without a guiding light to bring us to our senses
the weight of sin will bring us to our knees
and with opened eyes we'll find we're incomplete
i need the heart
i need the soul
i need the truth that makes me whole
i need the breath
i need the life
i need the truth to take control
Were all inmates in this prison
captives of the life we chose to lead
we must realize that we are hopelessly convicted
and on our own, we're shackled to our need
without the keys of grace to set us free
Chorus 2:
he is the heart
he is the soul
he is the truth that makes us whole
he is the breath
he is the life
her is the truth, come take control
i'll close my eyes, so i can see
that he only good in me
i am so helpless and afraid
i'll turn to him and pray
Chorus 3:
you are the heart
you are to soul
you are the truth that makes me whole
you are the breath
you are the life
you are the truth come take control

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