Beach Boys - Cabinessence -

Letra Cabinessence

Light the lamp and fire mellow.
Cabin Essence; timely hello
Welcomes the time for a change.

Lost and found, you still remain there.
You'll find a meadow filled with grain there.
I'll give you a home on the range...

(Who ran the Iron Horse?)
Reconnected telephone direct
Dialing different color chords to your extension
Don't forget to mention this is a recording.

Even though the echoes of my mind
Have filtered through the pines
I came and found my piece
And this is not a recording.

Doobie doo
Doobie doo
Or not doobie.

I want to watch you windblown facing
Waves of wheat for your embracing.
Folks sing a song of the grange.

Nestle in a kiss below there.
The constellations ebb and flow there.
And witness our home on the range...

(Who ran the Iron Horse?)
Truck driving man do what you can.
High-tail your load off the road
Out of night-life; it's a gas man!

I don't believe I gotta grieve
In and out of luck with a buck and a booth.
Catchin' on to the truth
In the vast past, the last gasp.

In the land, in the dust
Trust that you must
Catch as catch can.

Have you seen the grand coolie workin' on the railroad?

Over and over, the crow cries uncover the cornfield.
Over and over, the thresher and hovers the wheat field.