Barbara Dickson - Upstairs In My Room -

Letra Upstairs In My Room

George : Daughter, oh daughter,
Come and open the door
Where is your heart and compassion?
Mother : Leave him down there, love,
Now his beer money's gone
He wants the food what's on ration
George : Throw us me ration book
So as least I can eat?
Viv : There's a black market man
The end of our street
Father goes to him and he flogs off our grub

George : Loan me a shilling
For an hour down the pub

Mother : Leave him, dear daughter of mine
George : Hurry, dear daughter of mine
Mother : Leave him, dear daughter of mine
George : Hurry, dear daughter of mine
Mother : Leave him, dear daughter of mine
George : Hurry, dear daughter of mine

Viv : Me dad's epileptic
Me mother is ill
She knows she should leave him
But she never will do.
Me mam is a martyr,
Me dad's a non-starter
The family's future is gloomy.

Young Viv : I'm better off hiding,
Upstairs in me room.
Viv : Me dad never works
Spends his life on the sick
Mother : Daughter, oh daughter
While your father's out cold
Viv : Don't leave nothin' lyin'
Around or he'll nick it
Mother : Let's hide the tea and the sugar
Viv : A boozer? The worst
He is constantly thirsty
But here there's no harm can come to me
Mother : Under the mattress
Now and hush! Not a word!
Viv : Not while I can daydream
Upstairs in me room
Mother : He'll never look there the bugger!

George : Daughter, oh daughter
I'm not long for this world
I feel the end slowly nearin'
Daughter, I ask thee,
Lend us ten bleedin' bob
So I may leave with some beer in!

Where has thy mother
Hid the sugar and tea?
Find it and flog it,
Then bring brass back to me

Don't tha' say nowt lass
Or else thou'll get some fist
Just shut it, dear daughter of mine

Young Viv : I'd look through me letters
Them lads on me mind
Could anyone love me
Be gentle and kind too
I'd start fantasizing And hey it's surprising
The funniest shivers run through me
I hope no-one finds me
Upstairs in me room

George : Daughter, oh daughter
What's that tha's got there?
Summat that tha' wants kept hidden?
Who wrote these letters?
Is tha' seeing some lad?
Have I not said, that's forbidden?
He touched your thingies?
Tha's a bag and a whore
Filth, muck and rubbish!
Tha' won't see him no more

How could you shame me?
I'll take care of thee!
Now tha's gettin' what-for,
Thou art no daughter of mine!

Young Viv : I know me dad loves me
He knocks me about.
He says I've been dirty
Although I've done nowt - yet!
If that's what you bleedin'
Well get just for reading
I might as well let someone do me

Hey, Matt!
Tha's got lucky.
Upstairs in me room