Barbara Dickson - Prison Song -

Letra Prison Song

The jury found him guilty
Sent him down for seven years
Though he acted like they gave him life
He couldn't stop the tears
And when we went to visit him
He didn't want to know
Seems like jail sent him off the rails
Just like Marilyn Monroe
His mind's gone dancing
Can't stand dancing

They showed him to a doctor
And after routine tests
A prescription note the doctor wrote
For the chronically depressed
And now the tears have stopped
He sits and counts the days to go
And treats his ills with daily pills
Just like Marilyn Monroe
They stop his mind from dancing
Stop it dancing

With grace for good behaviour
He got out before his time
The family and the neighbours told him
He was lookin' fine
But he's feelin' fifteen years older
And his speech is rather slow
And his neighbours said
You'd think he was dead
Like Marilyn Monroe
No cause for dancing
No more dancing