Barbara Dickson - Goodbye To The Cries -

Letra Goodbye To The Cries

Give me back my life
You don't want it, no you don't want it
Gimme back my heart
You don't need it, you'll never feed it


Goodbye to it all (goodbye, goodbye)
Goodbye, I will wall it up
Goodbye to the cries (goodbye, goodbye)
Goodbye to the black and white

Gimme back my style
I could use it, oh how I could use it
And gimme back my smile
Just a faint one's better than none at all


Give me back my sight
Sounds excite me, now give me the means to see
And give me back the right
You don't want me, now let me find someone else


Goodbye to it all (goodbye, goodbye)
Goodbye to a well of hope
Goodbye to a fall
Goodbye to the pride it took