Barbara Dickson - Benny Gee -

Letra Benny Gee

In his youth he was fair as corn
But nowadays his bloom has worn
And little lines his eyes adorn
He has seen better days
With it also went his charm
Timeless grace that keeps you warm
Nothing can be done to harm
What's left of Benny Gee


His only fights are in his head
Hear the bell and knock 'em dead
He wore the crown first in the ring
But in the street he was the king
He came up through those savage days
Born out of spite and alleyways
Now fading fast those shining rays
And now he fights alone

People used to come and watch
Yes, people came and drank his scotch
And everybody knew how much
Had left the hero's purse
And now he's just another face
That no one knows around the place
And Benny's life is such a waste
His days have been and gone