Austhral - The Horn's First Sound -

Letra The Horn's First Sound

Under the horn's first sound, In a day
which the fog was shading the white souls
And the sea was resounding away
Soldiers face themselves

Clouds full of spirits hail him
A captain full of courage sees his blood on the grass
in the cold morning's fog distants clouds shout his name...

The captain shouts to his horde
The genocide is about to start

You cannot wait for the end. You must do it
Eyes shut and swords shining
And at the end, the wish of the field shall rule
Memories of dreams and bloody lives

The fog was hiding bones in the way
A way that belongs to the man

Coming on horses, great warriors
See the stones of a forgotten way
Now it's full of wild ones
This was the way of the ancient

Where the guards would never step on
Where the sea never touched

When he sees his man falling on the field
they go away to the forest, to met the ambush

Now the soldiers are confronting themselves
Turning them into waves
which beat furiously against stones, human rocks
The captain shouts hard and carries the hordes
The brave charge against the Imperial guards

In the forest, guards get lost in the way
Massacred by the thorns, hanged by the forest

The darkness spreads itself, there are bodies all around
The empire was devastated, dead guards on the ground
Too many people lost their lives and have perished on the mountain
Fearless and wild ones just like this captain
Finally the captain returns from the forest, from the massacre
But then one shot, on the nameless captain's chest, can be heard

They remember, those who tell the tale about a brave south
Tell about a nameless captain who has risen up the banner of war
Without memories and laws
he had war and glory