Austhral - Secret Cave -

Letra Secret Cave

Inside the wind that runs south
The old trees dancing, and it's full moon now
Eyes wondering closed
And see the tranquility slips away

The hidden cave among the mountains
A nightmare in a found shelter
The fire's light only the fire
The captain sleeps...
...falls asleep

The ancient voices, voices of the guardian trees
Winds` testimony, echoes through the wild abyss
Voices dictate to the captain screams of hate and revolt
from an unknown world

Horrible nameless real dreams

The points mark the earth
front and back, it's all an way of vision
If you stare, you´ll see a different way
If you hear, you´ll hear the screaming sounds

And the time runs the same way
has the same relativity
the same axis
time is a line
in which all that lives dies and bourns

South is up, north is down
But some people see just the sun above
coming and going
The sun rises at the dawn
On the end's splendor
Dies lighting the austral lands

We have arrived with this Latin
because our was suffocated
A language needed to tame
The ancient barbarian screams
coming from the bottom of the cave
Deeply into the cave...