Austhral - Forgotten Fields -

Letra Forgotten Fields

A forgotten spear reaches the surface
Emerging from the river that runs free
Surrounded only by death
And the wind drags the fog, which forbids him to see
Death's blow goes unleashed
Gone is the dawn that once lighted the bush
Now rain comes from heavy clouds
And the wind folds the hills in a rush

The wind saw the face of the captain without a name
Watching the fields, he saw a distant land

Dark glance, distant mist
This is the land that the world forgot
But it remembered a man without past
which in the natives' mind is lost
Time is like wind
Forests fustigate and thorns twist
Where war does always exists
He is fascinated with the wind on the trees

This is the captain's legend
Running and taming its land

Where the winds run untied, folks fear forgotten cries
The free land knows the time to be, and the moment of its victory