Audrey Landers - Honeymoon In Trindidad -

Letra Honeymoon In Trindidad

I´m dream and my lover
Takes me one day
To my her big island
We´ll run away
Will dance in the moonlight
Love on the sand
Play all day in the sunshine
My dream man
Honeymoon in trindidad
Make my dreams come true
Day and night and all my life
I´ll be with you
Honeymoon in trindidad
Oh we can leave today
Come with me to the island
Let´s my away
Come with me to the island
And high away
And dreamin a evenings
You hold me tide
I tell you my secrets
All through the night
And when we are married
We´ll have such fun
Forever lovers
On through the stars
The first time i saw you
You looked at me and a meal
I want this feeling to last forever
Baby i love you
When you close together
We know it feels so wright
Let´s start forever right now
Let´s framen tonight
Come with me to the island
And high away