Aruta Noen - Necrozone Earth -

Letra Necrozone Earth

Living in the biosphere, among creations,
Their mind affects incurable sick!
Toxic traces smoke from chimneys poisoned there,
Slowly, but exactly bring the last hour.

In the bloody wars don?t see the dawn,
Newer is a golden century!
When children murdered own Mother,
What maybe terribly that?

Human over-stay on that beautiful planet,
Impatience gives up it ruled by cockroaches!
Devising new species and bacteries
Justify a term ? crown of creation!

Don?t know obstacles to reached the summit,
Don?t know bound of the owning of the gold!
When children raped own Mother,
What maybe terribly that?

Arising from the graves souls of ancestors,
Calling for revenge for faults of livings!
Wallow in carnality and prosperity,
Living like pigs in the refuse pits.

Prepare to drink even an alien blood
For living some more one day.
When children forgiven own Mother,
What maybe terribly that?

Self-destruction, death and despair!
Life corruption rules everywhere.
Human dying, fall from a throne!
All crying on Earth-Necrozone!