Aruta Noen - Humanimal Life -

Letra Humanimal Life

Saliva flowing out of lusting mouth,
The old goat with a batch of dollars,
Young pretty cat with feeling of disgust in a head,
She happy smile, looking on the money!

The little boy with eyes of hungry wolf,
Looking on the red-checked hares.
Ships going in the flocks and bleat,
Lions with a rotting hearts seat on a throne!

Thorny flowers germinating from stomach?
Ached cripple, rotting alive?
Woman in clothe from skin of hundred men,
She spit on that human,
Who feebleness of she?s fingers...
Gnaw bones, tear throats,
Panic stricken of sandy winds...
Like thyself, reflections of absurdity,
Crazy old mans from childhood!

Ice painted streets of consciousness,
People like of filth animals.
Eternally falling in the irreparable,
Like torch don?t impregnated of oil!

Cold of sold, hearts and minds.
White cold blood doesn?t warm up!
Strange creations under hot sun,
Human race loosing his aspect!

Eating the dish of human brains,
Eating hearts and bodies of people.
He treads under foot his backs,
Backs of the wethers, meat for the master!
Foul pig subdued all, omnivorous creature,
Under the name Rule!
His wife, pitiless viper, almighty bitch
Under the name Money!